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Time Fly…

When we are little, time seems to stops and Christmas seem like decades away. When I first came to SWU, the ended of the semester didn’t want to come. However, time fly when you are studying or having a life.  So here is a quick up date…

My family in the past year has had some changes in life. I am finishing my last year in college, if I finish writing the Greek paper. Also in seven months, I will be getting married to a wonderful guy, who studying to be a minister as well.  Michael has introduce me several new things like Canadian bacon, Canadian money, the Canadian Flag, the Canadian national pastime (Well, he is Canadian). I have grown to love the Canadian national pastime which happens to be hockey. Oh, Canada does have their own football league, but I don’t understand American football so that might not be an interest of mine.

Posted by: Rebecca Argot | November 27, 2009

The Advent Nativity

The Christmas season is currently rushing toward us in any form possible. Even before the Thankgiving’s turkey is carved, ads for low discount prices on Black Friday appear with Santa Clause. Families, with traditions, gather together around the world in celebrations. Churches will get deck out with holly and ivy while making sure that the candles have enough wax to survive the Advent season.


There are different ways to count down the days of Advent. At one church, they gave out  a bag with 25 pieces of candy. The only way you got the candy was if you read the scripture per day. Other people used a calander with windows that open up to show a surprise. My family once did the 12 days before Christmas (we received a lot of gifts one year). But the Argot kids also do an Advent Navity.

The idea of the Advent Nativity came after coming home from church or just looking at the toy Nativity next to the TV. Anna and I decide that all the Christmas characters where too close to the manger and that wise men were had to go back east. We decide to do a progressive nativity in which each week, telling the Christmas story found in the Gospel. Between December  20-24, Mary and Jospeh are moved everyday to Bethlehem,to the arrive of Jesus’ birth. Jesus and the shepherd does not appear until we return from the Christmas Eve’s service. The wise men do moved during the Advent season but in little steps. During the 12 days of Christmas, they hurry to reach the child by Jan.6, on Epiphany.

Why do an Advent or a progressive nativity? Because it reminds us that the  Christmas story was not rush. Sometimes during Christmas, we fail to wait and slow down to not only Christ’s first coming but his second arrive in the future. The children of Israel had been waiting for their Messiah since the prophets spoken about it in the Old Testament. Advent, in a sense, is preparing us to celebrate Christ’s first and soon-second coming  arrival.

Posted by: Rebecca Argot | August 25, 2009


Sunday happen to be a different pace and timing than I am used to on the weekend. Instead of going  to First Wesleyan Church, that was right on campus, I took the CAT bus to St. Andrew Catholic Church. My roommate, Sofia, is Catholic and when she at SWU, St. Andrew is church to go to. So it made it easier to attend the church with some one that knew what was going on during the service.

It was cool to see how the other Christians worship on Sunday morning.  Several times during the service I did get lost , because lack of a bulletin and a structure of a mass has more elements parts of the service. But I can say, the sermon or homily was interesting to hear. The Lectionary readings for this week came out of John 6:60-69 and Ephesian 5:21-32 and the priest did wonderful job using both passages of scpritures to explain why taking the Eurcharist (Communion) imporant.

The passage of the Gospel (John) can be the most interesting, diffcult, hard to wrap our minds around, what Jesus had to the crowd about being the bread of Life. Jesus states that those people that drink his blood and eat his flesh would be in union with him and the Father. When a person receive the Eurcharist  they are united with Christ, who gives us eternal life. But the priest also mention that if a person has a problem with his brother, the two parties should reconcile with each other before taking Communion. Before taking Communion in the Wesleyan Church, the pastor will ask the congregation to examine their hearts and relationships with God and man. If the any guilt of sin on a person they should not take communion under false pretense  and fall into to more sin. There could be more explaintion and/ or dicussion about what John wrote in in this particular passage. What I like most about the sermon is that taking Communion is more than remembering Christ death on the cross, but the eteranal life in heaven.

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Quotes from the Universal Church

“”:”Unless I am convinced by Scpiture and by plain
reason and not by Popes and councils, hzve so ofen
contradicted themselves. My conscience is captive by
the Word of God. To go aganist conscience is neither
right nor safe. I cannot and I will not recant.
Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
“Unless I am convinced by Scpiture and by plain reason and not by Popes and councils, have so often contradicted themselves. My conscience is captive by the Word of God. To go
aganist conscience is neither right nor safe. I cannot and I will not recant.
Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen.” — Martin Luther in Worm Diet 1521

“Dont pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man
is powerful on his knees.”

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” — Corrie Ten Boom

“Get all you can, save all you can and give all you can”

“Beware you are not swallowed up in books! An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge”

Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God,
and I care not whether they be clergymen or laymen,
they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon Earth”

“The bible knows nothing of solitary religion. — John Wesley
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“Young Lady, I would like to see some id”

Never thought in a million years I have to verify that I was twenty-one. Or that a pastor did not believe that my mother had a twenty one year old that was start her third year at SWU.

The whole problem started when my mom went to her ordination meeting with several members of the DBMD (District Board Ministries Development). When the topic of children came up, she told the truth about having an 12, 17 and 20 year old. Pastor Moe Diggs could not believe that she was telling truth, even with the DS Pastor Reynolds  shaking his heads with in agreement.

Fast forward to the present. The past week I got to meet Pastor Digg at the District Conference ( My social highlight of the year). I produce two forms of id, SWU id and driver’s license, to confirm that I was twenty-one. Pastor Diggs looked at my mother and said she looked too young to have two college students. Plus he added that we have good genes that make us look young.

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To be a Child Again

To be a child again, is my plea and dream

To play in the rain and don’t care if you get totally soak!

In the aftermath of a rain storm, having a tea party with mud cake

Playing dress up in mommy’s or daddy’s clothes or making a mess of your mother’s make up

On having that special blanket, toy or piece of clothing

That you had to take everywhere.

For the joy in finding surprises in life

Always asking questions, but still enjoyed the mysteries.

To run barefoot in the grass, stones, carpet, concrete, or any surface

That our feet did touch.

When running from boys meant that they had cooties,

 And if they touch you, you need a cooties shot.

The biggest or only fear of all was the boogie man

And at the age of 5,

You are perfect size to sit in daddy’s or mommy’s lap and talk to them all the time.


Sure, being a grow-up is fun,

With all the responsibilities, headaches and worries

What time do I have, now an adult, to act like a kid?

I will confess when there was heavy rain at school,

To actually play in the rain, without an umbrella.

A couple days ago, I enjoyed having my fingers tie dye,

While making cards for the Army.   

Even with the responsibilities as a grow-up,

I think my inner child want to come out.

Posted by: Rebecca Argot | May 17, 2009

Six Memorable Moments of 2008-09 SWU Year

  1. The Boston Brass Concert- The concert was quite different then the styles I am use to hearing. In fact, have all brass instruments that did not play any classical music (They did do an arrangement for  Antonín Dvořák’ s “New World”) was refreshing. It also allows me to show my professors and fellow peers that I can have a sense of humor some of the time.
  2. Earning my green strip- Anyone that is into martial arts would be proud that I have earned two levels up in tai kwon do. I love tai kwon do that it allows me to distress from the current flow of life and to kick or punch a shield instead of going crazy. However, my least part of the test is breaking to the board with my feet or hands.
  3. Every day at Newton-Hobson (Second Semester) – I believe that would not happen if, choir wasn’t four times a week, musical during the evening, chapel on Tuesday and Thursday, and piano on Wednesdays.
  4. Being locked out of Childs – Because I was not a freshman, my friends reside in to two main dorm at SWU (Mully and Child). The problem was I lived in Mully and most of my best friends lived in Childs. But to get to Childs, require that you live at the dorm, to unlock the doors.
  5. Messiah – George Fredrick Handel’s most noted piece of music. SWU got a chance to sing it with about seven local church choirs. Check off my bucket list.
  6. Ping Pong – Never had had interest in playing, but fear for my live when others played Around the World (Ping Pong game). 
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The Dance and the Song

For takes two people to dance, but for one heart to sing

Of dreams and love that they always mean.

There is only one line to be sung today,

And very few notes to swing the heart away.

As dances have movements, so the song will as well

Of memories and stories to cherish beyond the years.


Sure as two people can dance, so two hearts can sing,

In two different parts, that let the melody ring

Truth of the poets and the writings of long ago.


As the dance comes to a stop, so must the song no long go on.

The people shall part and said adieu,

But not to the memories of me nor you.

We cherish the moment from afar,

Never glance back at music sheet again.

Posted by: Rebecca Argot | April 30, 2009

To the Seniors…

To the Seniors,  School is about to end for you, for the time being.

Jared Reubert            Never have I been so lucky to be friends with all of you in my two years of SWU.  

Life will be so boring, so calm, so not interesting with you guys not around.            Moriah Sears and Brent Watts

To those that life will be in ministry; may God be will you as you work with the church.      David Elliot as a fisher of men     There will be ups and downs but there is a joy in the work to be done.Phillip Fritts

             To the seniors that made us laugh, there is nothing to be said.Matt Hayes on Skit nightAfter all, there was plenty smiles to go around. Remember skit nights, long nights talking and just being friends. 

The friends that enlighten us Laurie Morton through songs and music of soundSarah Wald  We will miss those people that roam the Newton-Hobson and Brent at folger fine art building Folgers all the time.

   And for last, SWU will miss everyone that leaves their classrooms.

Sure, there will be freshmen to take your place and your mail boxFreshmen at mail boxBut there will be no one like you. Congratulations Class of 2009!


Posted by: Rebecca Argot | April 23, 2009

A Harriet the Pig story

“I thought I left Harriet, tried to the bench, behind the fine art building. I don’t know how she got inside,” I said while answering questions from the Music Department.  Maybe we should question the pig. Harriet was causing trouble for me while I try to continue my life, while watching the British pig. The pig always found a way to make my life miserable, today it was worst.

It all began when I walk Harriet from Bower building to the SWU newest building on campus. Like other classes, I tried Harriet to a bench or a pole and leaving an apple to busy her when I was inside. However, it was Tuesday which means I’m in Newton-Hobson Chapel & Fine Arts Building for about 3-4 hours straight, 9:25 to 12:35. I would have to visit Harriet right before chapel, and hope she stayed there until after choir. Harriet was secure to the bench between my 9:25 class and chapel so there was no worry that she would escape. Until the pig came into choir.

 No one seems to know how Harriet got inside the building or in the rehearsal hall for that fact. Actually everyone in choir but the choir conductor realized that there was a extra singer that day.  We all tried to get his attention, however the conductor was worried about the choir singing the right notes than an animal. Only at the start of the “Hallelujah Chorus” did Harriet made herself known, by letting out a squeal (it was almost in tune and in the key). The tenors and basses went to capture the pig which made me dash before them. I explain to the professor that I was the pig’s caregiver for the week, and was sorry for the interruption. The professor allowed Harriet, who fell asleep later, to stay in the room. After choir, I forgot that Harriet was with me and headed out to lunch. Unfortunately that was the beginning of our problem.

Since Harriet slept in my room, I have notices that she is a heavy and quiet sleeper. The only thing woke her up was loud noise. Music makes her fall in to dream land not wake her unless a big band. Thanks to the jazz band, Harriet made a loud squeal and dash right out the door. The band leader, with a group of students, ran after the pig.

“Close all doors!” a professor shouted, “We can’t allow it to escape.”

The only people on the lower level of the building were music majors trying to practice in peace. Some of the guys came up to form a blockade one hall, so the pig would not escape. However, Harriet found some way to enter the elevator and went up to the second floor up. There she walked quietly to SWU chaplain’s office, lied down and went to sleep. The music majors ran up the stairs and into the hallways, looking for a pink animal. Around this time, I realized that Harriet was not with me, so I return where I last saw her. The thud of footprints above me, signal that Harriet was no longer in basement. We searched every room trying to find the pig; the chaplain asked what we were doing. I try to explain that I was missing a pig and that my friends were helping to look for it. With his hand on the chin and looking straight at me, “I’m sorry, but I have not seen your pig. However I will look out for your four legged friend.” And with that Harriet popped right next to him with a grin, with an oink, left the building. Luckily there was no damage to Harriet, me, my friends or the building and that how Tuesday ended. The End.  

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